Vaccination day!

Vaccinations, urgh!

I don’t want to get into a big debate them. It’s a difficult subject to raise with some other Mum’s as some people feel very strongly about not doing it. I feel pretty strongly about doing it for our children, BUT I also respect that it is ever other woman’s decision to make on behalf of their child.

Today, we took were took Bug for her rescheduled 12 month vaccination, the much talked about MMR.

We had rescheduled it because she was sick the last time she was supposed to have it …. and, she didn’t have it today because she is sick again! She’s had this horrendous cold for about 3 weeks now and about a week and a half ago developed  cough which only bothers her (and us!) at bedtime. She’s been OK, but has a slight raised temp and is uncharacteristically a little on the grumpy side.

So we’re booked in, the earliest they can see us – for another 4 weeks time! Here’s hoping she isn’t sick this time. I feel like we have spent all of 2014 in some kind of sickness bug, between us and the kids.

On a sunnier note, I wanted to share this beautiful picture of my beautiful kids.

Little P's enjoying a cuddle.

Please ignore all the baby stuff in the background, clearly I have a problem!

It’s rare that I can capture them in a picture together, Bug is so busy and big bro Luke is too interested in his projects for cuddles with his “sometimes annoying” little sister, so I treasure the ones I do capture!

Have a good Tuesday! It is Tuesday, right?!


Talking of charity shop bargains…

I thought I would show you two of mine from yesterday. Squeeeealllll!

Had such a lovely unplanned day out with my Mum and Nana Joan. Every Thursday my mum takes Nana shopping, and I tagged along for the first time. They have a very set routine of the shops they go to, in which order, who takes the trolley back, where they park , etc. Was actually quite funny to witness!

They took me to some amazing new charity shops, and here’s what I picked up!

Charity shop find - Trunki Case!

Charity shop find – Trunki Case!

A Trunki case, in full working order for £2.50!



Another find – Mama’s & Papa’s rocker

A Mama’s and Papas reindeer rocker for £2! It was a bit grub, so needs a good clean.

I also picked up some clothes in bigger sizes for Bug, some t-shirts for Luke , two shirts for the wife and a beginners guide to knitting for myself. It was probably the best charity shop haul I’ve ever had! Does anybody else come back with their haul and then spend the next hour going through it and working out what the original prices were and what you would have saved – or is that just me?

The Trunki came in useful too, because poor old Luke threw up today (there’s a nasty bug doing the rounds by the sounds of it) and I had a split second before I knew he would throw up, the closest thing to hand was the case for Bug’s Megablocks.,  So he got 1/2 of it into that, 1/2 onto the sofa, some onto the carpet and a splatter on the wife’s face (LOL!) – so the Megablocks case has been binned and we now have a Trunki to store them in!

Thank goodness for the leather cover insurance we took out for our sofa – thought that would be a must when we ordered it! Will let you know how we get on with that claim….

Anyway – after a day of looking after a sick child (Luke) and a child on a tear (Bug), I am off to enjoy a VERY large glass of wine!


Ever wondered about Who is Addicted to Baby Stuff? Liebster Award!

I apologise for the quiet my end. Bug has been sick with an awful head cold and I’ve been stuck in that place of holding a clingy sick baby, so to make it up to you,I’m going to tell you a bit more about me/us!

The very lovely Kate at has nominated me for the Liebster Award. There are certain rules I need to follow and I also have to answer 11 questions. I love doing these type of Q&A, my readers get to know more about me and I get to know more about my fellow bloggers.

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

The rules for this are as follows:

1. You must link back to the person who awarded you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you.
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions.
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must tell your nominees that they have been nominated by you.

These are my questions…..

1. Who do you most admire?

My Nana Joan. I talk and write about her a LOT, because she is my happy place. I am completely overcome with a calm and a sense of clarity whenever I am around her. She is truly a ‘good person’ – and I’m not sure how many truly good people I know that I can count on my fingers. Her heart is in the right place, she cares about everything and everyone and she has an amazing amount of compassion. She’s smart, and beautiful too and EVERYONE but everyone loves her.

2. What is your favourite film?

I just can’t pick one, I have several I watch depending on the mood. I watch Beaches, when I need a good cry – and because I am a HUGEEE Bette Middle Fan. I watch Coyote Ugly, when I want to sing, I watch Duets when I want to watch some amazing singing, I watch Rent, when I want to see some amazing singing AND have a cry.  Life is Beautiful, because it’s beautifully sad and I love Italian. Sense a common theme here?! …Singing!

3. What was your favourite toy as a child?

I remember being bought this plastic case, that opened up and became a … wait for it – the excitement is building….. a post office! Ha! I can’t remember who made it, but I think it was brown plastic on the outside,  and inside had some stamps. I could shuffle paper, and stamp stuff, change the little clock and say we were closed, and generally feel important! I’m rolling my eyes at myself as I write this . What. A. Nerd!

4. Best holiday memory?

Last year by far. The wife, Bug, Luke and I went away for the whole of August, it was the best memory maker for me. Having friends and family stay with us throughout the month, and celebrating creating our family after such difficult and long, complicated struggles. The one memory that stands out for me though – will be the fact a whole entire LARGE (yummy) milkshake was spilt into the gearbox of our rental car. That was er, fun.

5. Favourite piece of jewellery?

My engagement ring. I am notoriously fussy about jewellery and I don’t wear much of it (nothing but a bracelet, pre engagement). I would be the MOST difficult person to pick out for, because even I don’t know what I like, until I see it. So my wife was extremely brave (or some would even think stupid!?) to pick out an engagement ring for me, without my input, without me knowing ANYTHING about it and without having ever asked me about my taste in rings, or measuring my finger.

And she got it SPOT on.

Engagement Ring

6. Something you wish you’d done differently?

I may need to come back to this, because I am honestly finding this difficult to answer. So many things in my life, that If I had done them differently, would have led me up a completely different path and I am just so happy and content with where I am now in my life. Well, apart form being skinnier – I’d take that!

7. Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

I hope to be in the same house, with my darling wife and our amazing children doing the same things, but with more children thrown in for good measure. Skinnier, again! ;-)

8. What made you start your blog?

My wonderfully inspiring, talented and helpful friend Daniella. I love to write, I adoooreeeee baby things, I have a bit of spare time – it was an easy decision! But honestly, without her help and expertise, I would just not be here.

9. What is your favourite song of all time?

Arghhhh – you’re asking an ex (retired!) singer what her favourite song is! No. I can’t answer it, its too hard to decide!

I feel pressured to answer now! Well, one that I have enjoyed singing and has a particular significance in my life, is the Wind Beneath my Wings. Someone, who I consider to be my 2nd Mum (who very sadly died 10 years ago, unexpectedly), stood with me on a stage in London, while I sang that song in front of people for the first time (and not at a Karaoke) before I moved out to the US to live with her and study there. It was the first time, I felt that anybody truly recognised I had a voice and was supportive.

10. If you were a Disney character, who would you be?

Rapunzel! My hair is getting soooooo long! Following recommendations from my wonderful mobile hairdresser, I’ve been conditioning my hair with two new products – even my wife told me that my hair looked extra super shiny today *hair flick*, without ANY PROMPTING! Though she did accuse me of turning into a hair sniffer. *sniff*

11. Do you have a favourite picture?

This is my favourite picture, really needs no words. <3

Luke and Bug, Sept 13

Luke and Bug, Sept 13

So offer to figure out some nominations and questions!

E x

Buying second-hand baby things

For me, there really is nothing quite like the thrill of a second hand bargain.  I just love buying something knowing that it costs a lot more new and always keep a mental tally of how much we have saved.

I come from a long line of family charity shoppers and I’m pleased to say my in-laws like to get in on the action too (in the US), browsing thrift stores and estate sales when time and money allows. I love to go with them too, there’s something so fun about visiting foreign charity shops and supermarkets, isn’t there? Don’t get me started on consignment shops too – they are a new thrill too and we could definitely do with more of those here in the UK.

As young children we were dressed mostly from jumble sales and hand made items – of course I had no clue at the time. As a teenager it was THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING EVER to be dressed in second hand clothes, because ‘obviously’ your parents couldn’t afford new. And then as an adult, I fell in love with them and now spend a good percentage of my time in Charity shops. I am naturally drawn to those who too love the thrill of a bargain…but, back out of ‘MY’ shops! ;-)

I never really got into boot fairs though, perhaps the idea of sometimes being outside in all elements! I did hold one once just to give it a try and ended up selling everything at about 20p, just to get rid of things and I think someone pinched something ridiculous too, so love affair very quickly over. It just to me, feels like there is a little more tat at Boot Fairs, though that’s not to say you don’t get a bargain. My mum is an avid boot sale a-go-er (is there a word for them?!) and often comes home with lots of exciting bargains!

With the invention of the internet, the thrill of finding a second hand bargain went global! Suddenly local Facebook’s group were started (one of which, I myself started in my local borough), eBay mean’t you could find bargains in other countries, easily. This just served to fuel mine (and others) bargain hunting desires! I know of people who source second hand items and re-sell on ebay for a profit. I’m afraid that’s much more dedicated that anything I could manage.

Last week, I went for lunch with my Step-Mum, and we decided to hit up a couple of charity shops after. In one, I found a Sophie Giraffe teething toy for £1 (£12 ish to buy new!). I have one for Bug and nearly every baby I have ever met, has one. I tell you what though, you’ll cry real tears when your baby accidentally throws it out of the pram for you to lose it forever – goodbye £12, buy another – thats TWENTY FOUR BLOOMING POUNDS on a rubber giraffe your baby dribbles on or chooses to ignore regularly! Doesn’t hurt quite so bad at £1! So I’ve snapped it up, sterilised it and popped it away for my middle sis, for when she has a baby/babies. <3

As a first time Mum, of course there are going to be things you want to enjoy buying new and a few things that shouldn’t actually be bought second-hand for safety reasons; mattresses and car seats to name a couple of things (unless of course you know the people they have come from and the car seat has not been in an accident).

I think as your child grows and you discover just how quickly they grow out of clothes (every 3 months for the first year!) and out of interest with toys (when actually they just want to play with an empty coke bottle), you realise that it’s just so silly to spend so much money on clothes/toys they will literally wear a few times over a couple of months.

It’s become a personal challenge (almost like a full time job for me) to find good deals. So here are my tips for finding baby things cheaper:

- Try your Local paper! Old school, but still a good way to source things.
- eBay; saved searches is a good way to get updates on things that have been listed, in case you forget to search one week.
- local FB selling groups, especially as there wont be any postage costs to pay or auction fees!
- Charity shops are still my absolute favourite!
- Boot fairs, weather permitting and depending on how brave you are ;)
- Combining cashback, voucher codes and sales for online retailers can sometimes lead to a really competitive price for a new product that will cost about the same secondhand. I am a big fan of HDUK and VoucherCodes for these very reasons
- Family friends; if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Definitely worth asking.
- Swapping with friends or online swap sites
- Buy mixed lots/ bulk buy on ebay and local fb groups. There will hopefully be a few good pieces to make it a good deal and the rest can be donated.
- NCT Sales are another favourite of mine too. If you volunteer, you’ll also get to have a look at the goodies before anybody else ;)
- Checking out second hand shops/charity shops when you are away, sometimes the exchange rate can work in your favour!

There are of course things you buy second hand that you will be able to sell back for either their cost, or more – if you are lucky! Vintage Fisher Price toys for children I have seen go for a pretty penny and Cloth Nappies tend to hold their value/lose very little too in my experience.

So how much should items cost? I always research my items against local FB groups (try to remember!) and eBay items that have sold (remember there are fees associated with that, so I knock a bit off if buying elsewhere). As a general rule though if you ‘re paying half, you are paying too much! I’d like to think around a 1/3 is about the right price – but of course it depends entirely on what and where you buy things.

Happy shopping and bargain hunting, I’d LOVE to hear about your best bargain and if you have any bargain hunting tips to share?

E x



Do you have a favourite outfit/items of clothing for your child(ren)?

Do you have a favourite outfit for your child(ren)?

I totally do.

I love dungarees. I luuuurve polka dots, I adore purple –  putting them together and adding some corduroy made me feel things that you just probably shouldn’t about clothes! And what’s more, I just happened across this one day in H&M. There was only one pair on the shelves and they were in the next size up and as everyone knows, H&M clothes are very reasonably priced. It was as if the clothing fate fairy just landed in our lap. I had to have them (for my little Bug, of course!) 


I snatched them up and hurried to the till and Bug has been wearing this pair (sized 12 months) for at least the last couple of months – of course now she is starting to fit them, I am panicking about her outgrowing them. I am the kind of clothes shopper, that when I find something I really REALLY like, I need lots of them in different sizes and colours!

They wash beautifully, I can tumble dry them (which is a god send for any mum) and there’s no ironing needed as they come up beautifully.

H&M don’t appear to have them online anymore or in any stores and ebay are not showing any second hand pairs (apart from one pair in her current size, in an auction I have missed).

My advise to other mums; when you find something you like – buy it and stash it, choose one in every colour, and size until they are 18 (or have their own opinion on what to wear!)

I am so SO sad that this love affair with them will be over soon, so this is a very public plea H&M:

H&M – Please help me love your fabulous clothes for just a little bit longer and help me find a bigger size pair of your very gorgeous and loved dungarees <3

The most beautiful coat in the whole entire wide world

I just had to write and tell you about THE most beautiful coat in the whole entire wide world.

When my Mother-in-Law came to visit, we took her down to Tunbridge Wells to visit my Step-Mum and Dad and went for a stroll down The Pantiles. It was actually my first visit there too, despite them living there for a few years – uhmmm. Anyhoo, we strolled past a children’s clothing shop and naturally, I went in to have a look. My Step-Mum (‘Nanny’ – as in Bug’s Nanny) came in with me.

It was the first thing I saw when I walked through the door and the only thing I looked at in the entire shop (even though I now know everything is gorgeous). I stroked it lovingly and just k-n-e-w Bug had to have it. I looked at the price tag…. alas, it was not meant to be on that occasion. I did whisper to Nanny that if she would like to buy it for Bug’s 1st birthday present, then she would be very welcome to. Not thinking for a second it would happen.

As a complete surprise – she did get it – wahoooo! (Thought told me not to tell my father). She is a very, very lucky girl.

I actually squealed OUT LOUD when I opened it – yes yes, its totally a present for Bug and not me! Er by the way Dad, if you are reading this, she did not get this for me, this is all a lie.

The most beautiful and most stroke-able coat in the whole entire wide world is from Sue Hill. As I later found it, it was inspired by a coat Sue found in an antique shop in Rye, on the south coast of England. It is thought that the original coat dates back to early 1900′s. No wonder I loved it immediately.

It is hand made in 100% cotton velvet with anti static polyester lining and a warm interlining. The coat also has Betsy ann Liberty print lining on the front facings, back yoke and under the collar and is finished with matching velvet buttons.

coat front


I think the bottom picture gives you a better idea of the true colour, but neither of these do this coat justice. It truly is a very special coat and Bug was so lucky to receive it as a present. I can’t wait for her to get a big bigger to fit it – and the minute she does, I’ll be there with my camera for you all!

You can find Sue Hill on Facebook for their special offers.



Choosing a Canvas

For our first wedding anniversary my lovely wife bought me a canvas print of us kissing on our wedding day, because the 1st year is paper right?! (Yes, some of gays also follow the traditional themes too you know!)

We also have a canvas print of a beautiful picture taken by my favourite photographer ever, Sara-Jane of Shutterbaby of our Bug when she was 16 weeks old. This picture was actually the picture that launched her Baby Modelling career!

So, when I was offered the chance to review a Canvas from Canvas Design, I jumped at the chance as I have been meaning to add a couple of new Canvas Prints to our living room and we had some brand spanking new high res pictures of the kids to pop on, courtesy of the fabulous above-mentioned photographer!

I was super excited to receive the packaged up canvas that was sent via courier and very quickly too:


I made us very late for some appointment as I couldn’t wait to get my desperate mitts on it. It was packaged up securely in several layers of bubble wrap, naturally and it was definitely a scissors out jobby….rather than using teeth and fingers in a mad rush which is my normal style!


I’ve made the mistake of ordering a too-cheap-and-too-good-to-be-true Canvas before, and I could just tell straight away that the quality on this Canvas was FAR superior. The actual canvas is 380gsm pure cotton and the frame is made of pine sourced from European forests.  They only use 18mm or 38mm pine gallery bars to make your canvas print frame. They do not use the cheap solution that most other canvas printing companies tend to use.


Canvas Design was formed back in 2004 from an idea that originated from designing wallpaper. One of their customers had asked if they had heard of Canvas prints and whether they could do that too, and so, a new love affair with Canvas began. They’ve been printing canvas ever since and have even been featured on TV shows such as ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover.

Their frames start at 6inches and go all the way up to 40inches and their pricing is from £7.99, making it affordable and accessible for all. Their pricing can be found here.

Delivery is FREE on all orders and they aim to deliver all orders within 48 hours. You will receive a text the day before delivery just to let you know it has been dispatched and on the day of delivery you will receive a time slot, which you can change if not convenient.

Et voilà ! Our Canvas print, hung and ready to be admired. I adore this picture and getting to look at it every day, is a real treat and makes my heart happy!


Canvas Designs have very kindly offered all my readers 15% off any order by using the code BLOG15.

Aaaaaaaaaaand as if that’s not good enough, why not enter an amazing competition to win your very own canvas? Canvas Design are offering one of my lucky readers a free canvas of ANY size (from 6×6 to 40×40).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

* I received the product mentioned in this post free of charge, to review from my own perspective. All words, experiences and opinions are genuinely and entirely my own.*

How to create a ladybug themed birthday party

We did it! Bug is officially 1.

Her birthday party was amazing and went without a hitch. The wife did not keel over at the amount of people I had invited and not quite told her about and the sun literally shone down on us all… we did what we do best and we fired up the BBQ! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

We are really, REALLY lucky and know a LOT of talented people, who helped create such an amazing event. Bug had the best Ladybug birthday party a 1 year old could wish for. Here are my favourite things from the day:

1. Bug’s cake

It was one of the talking points of the whole event. Made by the UBER talented Peny, at Megberry Cupcakes, who has been making bespoke cakes for our family for as long as I have been ordering bespoke cakes. I wouldn’t EVER go anywhere else. Her work truly speaks for itself and I’ve never been unhappy/disappointed or let down by her, ever. How amazing is this though:


2. Custom made gingerbread cookies made by Ice My Biscuit, made especially for Bug!

I think all I had said is ‘Ladybird/Ladybug themed’  and Steph totally understood what I was looking for and created the perfect platter for us. How talented must you be, to be able to create something so intricate, so detailed and so darned delicious! Again, they were a big talking point and I’m REALLY glad I stashed a couple away to have some with a cup of tea later! She also posts her biscuits, so you don’t necessarily have to be local!


3. Happy birthday Ladybug banner

Purchased on ebay, it was perfect to add a little extra ladybug glamour to the event!


4. Ladybug tablecloth

Another ebay purchase – you can buy them from online party stores, but much cheaper on ebay! This is before we loaded it with food. Look at that SUNSHINE!


5. Ladybug dress

No party is complete without a cute 1 year old, in a gorgeous ladybird dress, here’s Bug bossing her Nanny on her birthday!

This one is from Gymboree, it’s 6-12 months and she has worn it from 6 months right up to her 1st birthday. I will be super sad when we have to retire it, but not quite yet! ImageIs it wrong that I’ve started to plan our 6 year old’s 7th Summer birthday party already?!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a successful event!


Planning a 1st birthday party


I’ve been planning Bugs party since the day she arrived, practically.

Anybody that knows me, will know that I love any excuse to have a get together and a 1st party is not exception. I know lots of people who think their pretty pointless and it’s absolutely true that baby won’t remember! We’re doing it really as a celebration for having survived the 1st year.

We’re lucky to now live in a pretty big house, but even though I’ve tried to be selective, I think I’ve invited too many people.

Oh well, we will just make it work!

I did for a second look at hiring a space, but of course as we have planned it on a Sunday, many of the local church halls are not available and I’m not changing the date!

I’m also trying to organise this whilst watching the pennies!

So far – wine has been ordered through an account I have with an online company, who had given me a 40 pound voucher.

Food has been ordered using our Nectar points.

Plates, and decorations have been ordered via ebay, with the rest of my nectar points!

Cake – small special one from a friend who makes them and a larger one for the masses from Costco!

All that’s left is fruit and veg from market for buffet, prosecco from Aldi and houmous and olives from my local Turkish store! Oh and I need Cutlery from the pound shop.

In an ideal world, the weather would be warmer and we would have outside games, but I truly do have enough toys indoors to keep the little ones entertained.

I have 6 hours of children’s songs to annoy the parents with and a couple of pass the parcel games ready!

Party bags have been finalised with some bargains I picked up recently and some leftover bits I had from Luke’s last party.

Amazingly, I feel pretty organised and there’s a week to go!

E x

The Mum tag

The super lovely Kate from Willow Makes Three has tagged me in her ‘The Mum tag’ post. It’s a great way to get to know more about me and to get involved with fellow bloggers. ‘The Mum tag’ consists of 20 questions, questions about before, during and life after the new arrival.


1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum, or a Working Mum?

I’m a stay at home mum. I know that I am very lucky to be in this position and I hope never to take it for granted.

I wanted to be a mum for as long as I can remember (when people at school were announcing they wanted to be Doctors, Scientists, Lawyer’s etc, I just wanted to be a Mum) and when Bug came along, it didn’t make sense financially for me to work with 2 needing childcare and luckily both my wife and I wanted me to be at home with them. 

It has been difficult though as all my friends with babies of a similar age, are either going back to work, or have gone back to work and so I’ll find myself in the position of having to make some new friends.

2. Would you have it any other way?

No, I really wouldn’t. 

3. Do you co-sleep?

Not now. In the early days we did as a way to cope and get through the night. I was breastfeeding and it was just easier.  Now, luckily Bug sleeps well (fingers crossed) in her own cot. Of course, both the kids get to join us in our SuperKing Bed at the weekend…. which is the reason we bought such a big bed!

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?

Oh gosh, you’re asking someone that is addicted to baby stuff, about ONE ITEM?!

Funnily enough I was thinking about this the other day. We have a Motorola Video Monitor, and it has been an absolute godsend and saved many trips up and down stairs. It’s a complete Luxury that I just couldn’t be without. I do think its helped us get on a proper schedule with Bug, and allowed her to sleep through the night. If I had heard her stirring/crying on a regular baby monitor, I am sure I would have gone into her room to check on her and she is quite a light sleeper – I would have woken her. I can check on her safely from a distance, and allow her to self soothe when she needs to.


5. How many kids do you plan on having?

Both my wife and I always wanted 5, but of course this depends on so many factors, our age, my fertility, our donor’s availability, how difficult the terrible 2′s are for Bug….. eep!

6. Date night? How many nights per month?

We’re trying to get out once a month, I think its really important to have couple time, to have time to be something other than a parent. The first one being this Saturday, as a birthday ‘thing’. The wife is arranging it all, so it will be a complete surprise. I’ll let you know how it goes ;)

7. Your child’s favourite show?

Bug isn’t interested in the TV at AL! It’s like it doesn’t exist. Luke loves it of course, and his favourite show changes on a weekly basis, from Tree Fu Tom, Scooby Doo, Grandpa in my Pocket and Ben 10!

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Soooooo many clothes. We were utterly spoilt by friends and family and on packing away the clothes she had so many things she hadn’t even worn, still with labels in tact. Everything has been packed away for future children of ours (or hopefully, my sisters!)

9. Your child’s favourite food?

I so want to say corn, because she really, really loves it and it’s healthy right and therefore we are wonderful parent’s – ha. But if I am being completely honest, she cannot seem to get enough of Heinz Biscotti biscuits. *Shamefaced*

10. How many cars does your family have?

Just the one, a ford C-Max, which I feel like we have already outgrown.

When we were looking for a new car, I was pushing heavily for a 7 seater, but in the end we decided to go for the C-Max, feeling like it was spacious enough. So I’d like to say publicly to my wife: I TOLD YOU SO!


11. Weight gain before pregnancy, during and after and now?

URGH. I was already overweight before I got pregnant, and put on about 1.5 stone during pregnancy which I was actually quite pleased with. Struggling to get rid of it now. Now that Bug is walking, perhaps all the chasing after her will help shed a few lbs! Here’s hoping.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?

Last year we were lucky enough to have my dream holiday; we spent a week in Texas, visiting our in-laws and extended family and introducing Bug to them, then we flew with my MIL to a villa in Orlando and spent a month there, having friends flying over to join us, then we flew back to Texas for a week to see the family again. We had a house with a pool in Orlando, the kids both love the water, it was blissful and to be honest pretty hard to top! We’ll probably not get that opportunity again, because the wife wont get such a large chunk of time off work like that again. It was perfectly timed!

13. Dream holiday without your kids?

As sappy as this sounds, I honestly wouldn’t be happy on holiday without the kids! I’d be too busy worrying about them!

14. How has your life changed since your baby has been born?

It hasn’t much. I was already a Mum to Luke, but I was working part time – now I’m a stay at home mum full time. We were already doing family stuff and waking up early every weekend ;-)

15. Finish the sentence: ‘It makes my heart melt to see …

My two playing with/hugging/loving on each other:



16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Where don’t I! I’ll shop anywhere from Primark for basic white onesies to use as layers, to children’s fashion stores, such as Cissy Wears. I do however try to shop smart and use sales, vouchers and special offers to get bargains. I ain’t no dummy!

17. Favourite makeup and skin care products?

Shortly after I had Bug, I had a makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter in John Lewis, as a way to make me feel better about the weight I had put on and hide the dark circles under my eyes. I’ve been a convert ever since and use ALL of their products. I am also a really big fan of Nivea moisturising cream and Lush Dream Cream is AMAZING for dry skin/people suffering with eczema. 

18. Huggies or Pampers?

Pampers, but even better than Pampers – Aldi nappies. Cheaper, too!

19. Have you always wanted kids?

Since, for-EVER.

20. Best part about being a mum?

Every single bit. Even when you are downright knackered, worst day ever, crying into your chocolates – something amazing will happen; Luke will make Mummy an amazing and thoughtful picture, Bug will do something incredible like walk for the first time. Something always happens to remind you how wonderful your family really is and how lucky you are.

It is certainly the most amazing thing that has happened to me, and several people have commented that it has been the ‘making of me’. I don’t know whether I entirely agree, but I think being a mum has made me a little more compassionate, more sympathetic, a little more patient and a LOT more of a cry baby!

Hopefully that gives you a better insight in to me, Do you want to do ‘The Mum tag’?