Baby’s first shoes at Clark’s

It was a BIG day for Bug today!

I hadn’t planned on going shoe shopping, I actually went for Sushi with my weekday wife Sally and wandered into Clark’s to enquire about shoes. I was told that cruisers could help them to learn to walk and blah blah blah I got suckered in. Anyway, Bug is pulling up and cruising and letting go now, so walking is imminent! She probably honestly doesn’t need any – but we don’t actually have ANY* current shoes to fit her, so I thought I would just get a pair for now. 

(* we had one pair of those lovely leatherette shoes, but I seem to have lost one of the shoes, somewhere, oops)

There were a few things that slotted into place that helped the shoe buying decision. The fact that were not busy at the time we wandered in and we were seen immediately, AND they had a sale on. BING!BING!BING! So the lady measured Bug’s feet (3G, thanks very much), her brother is an H, so we’re a wide footed family! 

They had only one pair of shoes in the sale in her size, and I just loved them the minute she pulled them out. I’m sure I would have paid full price for them!

They are the right colour to go with all outfits, aren’t too pink (ha!), they are just SO very ‘Bug’. 

So we bought them – for the grand sum of £13 (they were originally £26), and here she is having tried them on and playing with the foot measuring machine thing (does that have a proper name?!), loving her silly grin here, she looks so happy!:



Her lovely new shooooooes:Image

The free blurry pic and booklet you get from Clark’s to commemorate their new shoes (cute idea!), apparently you need to go back every 6 weeks to have their feet measured. This could get expensive!!:


And then we went to visit Nana Joan, and have cuddles as she is still poorly, but hopefully on the mend now. I am so grateful that Bug and Luke get to spend time with their Great Grandmother, it’s an amazing and important relationship and I can’t tell you how happy this picture makes me <3

ImageE x

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