Boots photo shoot

Bug had photo shoots planned for this week, but unfortunately couldn’t make Monday’s due to the storm. Then it appeared our house was about to be struck down by a vomiting bug, and I thought it would just be Sod’s law that she wouldn’t make ANY of her shoots (because, of course they tend to be like buses) – but luck was our our side, and THANKFULLY neither of my two were properly sick.

So off we went to North London (we took our passports, being South Londoners and all, heh) and made the journey across town.

The photo shoot took place in a house which had been converted to a studio, which was a first for us and I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived, we also bumped in to a few familiar faces from previous shoots (stylists and marketing assistants mainly), here’s thr lovely house:


On the way, Luke decided to “mend a tree” that appeared to have suffered after Monday’s storm, cuuuute:


Whilst we were waiting our turn, I popped Bug in one of the cots for a crawl around, and she did her new trick of pulling herself up, little show off – she’s. Even doing this properly for a few days now:


When it was time for photos, Bug was her usual sunshiny self and enjoyed the weaning pics they took, sneaky pic here:


It was a quick in and out for us, which was lovely as were off to another shoot tomorrow (fingers crossed the vommy bug doesn’t get us again) and then home, to FINALLY finish packing ready for our big move on Friday.

I still have my write up of the baby show and all my favourite products to do, but I am afraid that will have to wait post move, and life is just too chaotic here for anything comprehensive right now!


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