Dummy Bunny!

I know a dummy (paci, or pacifier for those in the US) is not for everyone, or all babies, but we happen to have a dummy loving fool of a baby! We tried her with one at about 2 weeks old – to see if it would settle her because she seemed to be comfort sucking on me – and she’s been a bit addicted ever since. Having read about them, for me the most important factor was that they could help to prevent SIDS and this one factor outweighed all the bad factors. With everything though – please do your own research, there’s a good article on dummies and pacifiers here: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a565731/dummies-and-pacifiers

I personally don’t particular like the sight of a baby with a big old dummy poking out of their mouth – especially when they are walking, talking, pooping in a toilet, but I had managed to pick up a couple of “dum’s” at Mothercare when Bug was born that were really small and cute and anything at that point was worth a shot. Unfortunately they don’t seem to stock them or anything similarly sized now. If anybody has seen these online, please let me know!:


Anyway, I digress. Bug, who slept through from 6 weeks old (yes, we were those parents. I used to not want to tell other parents for fear of a smack in the mouth!) decided at around 5.5/6 months old that actually, she wanted to wake up in the night. And sometimes a few times. Lucky Mama’s.

Mostly, it was because she wanted a dummy to settled, which of course it involved us getting up numerous times to try and find a dummy in her cot, which involves a pitch black pat down of the cot in the hope your hand will land on it whilst trying to stop baby waking up any further (impossible!) –  UNTIL someone introduced us to a DUMMY BUNNY! (That’s not it’s official name, but it totally should be!)


I’m afraid Bug looks like a complete grump in this photo, but thats because she is being a big grump. She’s suffering having picked up big bro’s cold virus thingy and we’ve had a very l-o-n-g grizzly day, bless her.

But dummy bunny has changed our life! She can mostly settle herself at night now – because she is completely surrounded by dummies! I’d say maybe buying 2 might be considered a bit overboard, but I DONT CARE! Bug is happy, Mama’s are happier. WIN! They’re soft, and you she likes to cuddle them when she sucks too, and you can use their velcro paws to attach them to something – a cot, or car seat maybe? Not only that – but they come in two sizes, as seen in the picture, we have a small and large.

My plan is of course, to eventually wean her off the dummies – and what I intend to do, is reduce the dummies on bunny, and eventually she will just have a cuddly toy, to love and sooth her to sleep.  If all else fails, the dummy fairy will come pay us a visit 😉

Highly recommended, I’m giving these a score of 10/10.


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