Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

Bug was lucky enough to get the Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza for Christmas from Santa.


I, erm, Santa had thought that it would be a good toy for Bug and Luke to play with together. Bug can stand pretty well now and is interested in balls, there is an area you can crawl through and a ball to bat at to encourage more standing, and things to twiddle and hold on to. And Luke likes balls too, things that shoot balls are especially fun for him.

Santa was right – this was an instant hit. Santa was also good enough to have it set-up ready for the kids arrival early on Christmas morning. *wink*

I managed to get this at Argos for £39.99. At the time it said it was £99.99, and had been reduced to £39.99. I knew this was a good price for it at 39.99 and I have to be honest I would never have paid £99.99 for it, I would have felt thoroughly ripped off at that price! Of course, now post sales it’s showing the original price to be £49.99 on Argos, reduced to the current price of £39.99.

It took 2-3 adults to put it together, though 2 of them may have had a couple of glasses of champagne first, so it wasn’t really THAT tricky. There was a lot of looking at the picture on the box, though. I would like to add none of these adults were me – I’m not skilled or patient enough in that department.

Bug and Luke happily played together from the moment they saw it, their age gap suddenly forgotten. We even had a 1.5 year old little boy (Baby A) around today who loved it, too. It really can be enjoyed in groups and by many ages. I think for £39.99 – that’s an absolute bargain. You’de have to be a very unhappy little kid not to love balls, bouncing, lights and disco music!

The only downside, if you could consider it one – is that it requires a lot of space. The kind of space you would normally reserve for your Jumperoo, to give you an idea of the space you would need.

It takes 2 x C batteries, which are not included – to flash some lights down the centre part of it and play lots of techno-ish tunes. It actually is like disco music for babies and both Baby A and Bug started bobbing around to it, without any encouragement today – was uber cute!

You pop a ball in the top and it bounces on a little side trampoline and then bounces into one of the tubes. I can see it may eventually lose it’s appeal as there is only so much poking a ball through a hole, putting it in tubes fun you can have – but for now, its entertaining for 2 very differently aged children – its worth it’s weight in GOLD!

Here’s Bug today, playing with Baby A and some carnage after an afternoon with a 6 year old, 1.5 year old and a 10 month old!





IMG_1996 IMG_2007

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