Our Visit to Zippos Circus

We decided (along with some friends) to take the kids to Zippos Circus on Blackheath this Easter weekend.

If we had planned ahead we could have got some better seats/ ticket prices, but we left it until a couple of days before and managed to get side view tickets with 30% off. As it happens, side view is absolutely fine – you can see everything perfectly well.

We realised on our way there, that NONE of our kids had ever been to the circus and I think we adults were a bit more excited than the children, who actually didn’t know what to expect.

Seats are not pre-booked, only sections, you are shown to your seats when you arrive – so if you want to sit somewhere in particular get there early.

It was BOILING hot in the circus (and not a generally hot day), so advice is to definitely wear layers. We and our friends had to strip our 1 year olds, so they didn’t overheat. We also purchased some water, but you may want to take your own – these kinds of places always charge an arm and a leg for anything.

There was the usual tat being sold too, glow in the dark sticks that you can wave annoyingly until your arm hurts, popcorn, candy floss, overpriced burgers and drinks etc, and some other glow in the dark thing that went round and round and round until you are dizzy.

Not knowing how long the circus would be on for, we were surprised it would last for 2 HOURS! It does have a 20 minute interval, but I did worry about how I would keep a usually busy 1 year old interested in what was happening.

It stared out fairly slowly, with a chap who felt a bit like a ‘filler’ act to me, and I wasn’t feeling the circus vibe at this point. I was worried about the next 1 hour and 50 minutes to be honest.

But it picked up, some of the acts were VERY interesting, some vaguely interesting and some were pretty special. The horses were incredible, beautiful, talented and made the show for me), I also enjoyed the trapeze act at the end, even if their last pass at the end took 3 goes (part of the act, maybe?!), the strong man was interesting too. But all in all – it felt a bit samey. I don’t remember the last time I went to the circus, but I imagine it followed the same kind of performance schedule.

The two hours flew by in the end, and actually the kids LOVED it – sat with their mouths agape throughout the whole thing, and performed their own circus moves all the way home across the heath!

I’d recommend a visit if you can get the tickets at a discounted price, like we did! Check out their Facebook page for discounts!

Have fun!


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